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Chris Jackson Photography


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I reside in the beautiful state of Virginia. I look at photography as a way to express my personality. I don't think of just snapping photos with high tech gear; for me it’s creating memories through a form of art and expression. The thing I like most about photography is capturing the moment; nothing like having a stunning landscape or subject before you, freezing it in time, and having a memory to last. The spark that pushes a photographer to create, is deeply rooted in my soul. I have been blessed to have an artistic eye, with that it is a passionate burning fire.


I have the privilege of photographing different “genres” of photography such as: Landscape, Nature, Urban Cityscape, Live Entertainment, Firework, and Portrait. I offer all that and more, I feel that there is no limit to the expression of photography. With that it's Real Life. Memories. Captured. 


Studio Backdrop Options 

Chroma Green
Sedona Red
Taupe Brown
Charcoal Grey
Blue Lake
Lighter Grey
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