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Hey folks, my name is Chris Jackson. I was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I look at photography as a way to express my personality. I don't think of just snapping photos with an advanced camera that has high tech lenses; for me it’s creating memories through a form of art. The thing I like most about photography is capturing the moment; nothing like creating a moment of enjoyment, freezing it, and having a memory to last. The creative spark that pushes a photographer to create, has found its way to me. I have been blessed to have an artistic eye, and with that it is a passion.


I have the privilege of photographing different “genres” of photography such as: Landscape, Nature, Urban Cityscape, Live Entertainment, Firework, and Portrait. I offer all that and more, I feel that there is no limit with my creativity. I look forward to what Unique. Creative. Memories. are ahead…​


Senior Portrait Expierence

    Hey there, it's that one special time that you can be in front of the camera and it be all about you. Yes, that's right becoming a senior in high school is quite an accomplishment, because your about to graduate! I want to help you commemorate and celebrate this great success.

    First off, we want this session to be all about you; customizing the session to fit your personality and interests, giving it that special element of "true enjoyment" is my goal. The initial consultation can be over the phone or in person (preferred). The goal here is learning a little about you as a person; likes, interests, ideas for the photo shoot, etc. This is also where you will decide which session you would like to book, the date, location(s), all details concerning the session. We want you to be comfortable and familiar with everything before the day of your shoot.

    The day of the shoot is here, this is where you become a "rockstar" for the camera; because it's a once in a lifetime celebration to graduate high school. With everything discussed in the initial consultation, this will be a smooth and enjoyable time for you. All you need to do is show up and be prepared to have a fun time.

    Following the completion of the photo session, a date will be set to decide on the photos and place an order. This order session will be set for 5-10 business days from the date of the photo session, and is recommend to be in person. The order session will let you decide which photos, sizes, and printing options you would like to get. After the order session, it will take 1-4 weeks for you to receive your final product. Your final pictures can be mailed directly to you or picked up around a set time. Please visit the pricing page of this website to view all details and options available. Check out the contact page; please give me a call or send a message if you have any questions. I look forward to make Unique, Creative, Memories.  

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